5 Objects We Use Every Day but Never Think of Cleaning!

1. Reusable bags

These bags are great when it comes to shopping in an eco-friendly way. However, studies have shown that people rarely wash them. Since they’re often used to carry food, residues may be found in them. Bacteria can reproduce and adhere to each new product you put inside if that’s the case.

2. Pot lid handles

Most people wash lids as if they were just any other kitchen utensil. But handles have small grooves in which residues cumulate. That can lead to bacteria reproducing, which in turn can be harmful if they come in contact with your hands or your food.

3.Immersion blenders

You really have no idea how much weird stuff can cumulate in the back of your immersion blender’s blades. The best way to remove leftover food there is to run your blender inside a bowl containing warm water and soap or a splash of dishwashing detergent. Works like a charm.