3 Household Hacks That Will Save You a Lot of Time and Money!

1. Zip up your hoodies.

Zip up your hoodies before you put them in the dryer in order for the zippers to not get wavy. What’s more, don’t use high temperatures while drying because this can cause the fabric to shrink, and the zippers will get wavy.

2. Use wool dryer balls instead of expensive dryer sheets.

Wool balls are meant for the dryer to make the laundry fluffier and softer. They are reusable, and they can endure up to 1,000 loads, which makes them a much better deal than store-bought dryer sheets. There are no toxic chemicals and scents if you’re allergic or sensitive to those, but you can add your favorite essential oil if you feel like adding a fragrance to your laundry.

3. Clean the shower head correctly.

If your shower stream seems to be weaker than before, you might have hard water: in this case, the minerals are jamming your shower head and nozzle. Use a toothbrush soaked in white vinegar to scrub the water jets. After that, wipe it and turn on the jets to maximum to get out the clogging minerals.