3 Ways To Clean Your Faucet You Need To Know!

1. Cucumber: The popular vegetable isn’t just good for treating under-eye circles, but it can also make your stainless steel faucet shine. Just rub it all over the faucet and rinse any remaining seeds away. It won’t leave any stains behind.

2. Lemon: If your faucet is full of limescale, you can simply cut a lemon in half and rub it all over the affected areas. Then you will need to rinse it well with water and use a cotton cloth to dry the faucet. Remember to apply it in the same direction while cleaning around the faucet so that halos aren’t formed.

3. Baby oil: Baby oil isn’t so much about cleaning, but rather, polishing your faucet and making it shine. You can add a few drops to a cotton cloth and rub it all over the area after you’ve washed it with lemon and/or cucumber.